Choosing A New Garage Door Opener

Choosing A New Garage Door Opener

Whether you’re installing a brand new garage door opener or replacing an older model, there’s a lot to consider. Belt drive or chain drive? What special features can you choose? What best fits your lifestyle?

Belt Drive vs. Chain Drive

Garage Door Opener Unit

The two main types of overhead garage openers are chain drive and belt drive openers. They both function mostly the same; the main difference is in whether a metal chain and gears or a rubber belt are moving the door up and down. Both are excellent choices, but have certain pros and cons. Chain drives are more common in older models and are growing out of popularity. They are durable and dependable, but belt drives are becoming the favorites due to their matching durability, silence, and speed. Belt drive openers are recommended for garages where there may be a bedroom or office near or above the garage door, and to avoid other unnecessary noise that could disturb the residents of the home. Both types of openers should last you about 10 years, depending on the make and model you purchase and how often you open and close it, though belt drives have the potential of lasting even longer.

Garage Door Opener Features

Did you know that some modern belt drive models even have wifi operation? This is a great option for homeowners who rent their home out for short term stays and want control of the opening and closing of the door, or for parents who want facts about when someone is coming and going at the house. Depending on capability, you may be able to add on a wifi adapter to other types of openers, including chain drives, for an additional charge. We recommend Linear brand garage door operators for some of the best quality devices on the market, maximizing ease, convenience, and security for our customers.

More mundane options to consider include numbers of controls needed, variability of strength, and costs. Just remember, if you’re trying to reuse old parts on a new garage door opener, you may be better off upgrading to a model with more features. Replacing the old parts will save time. The most common reason for wanting to use old parts is to make the installation go faster. Trying to install a new opener using old parts takes longer, especially when installation errors occur.

This is why garage door opener replacement is not often a DIY job. For quality garage door repairs, door openers, new garage doors, and screen doors, call Summit Door today!

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Wonderful company! Our garage door was making so much noise and shaking when it was opened and closed. Scott and Jeremy quickly diagnosed our garage door problem. They were very professional and knowledgable. Pricing was very reasonable. Would highly recommend!!

Lauren M.

Believe the reviews.  Kevin made our options clear, and didn't oversell.  The work was done on schedule, and the installation crew was professional and courteous.  Everything about this company gives you good vibes.  If you're looking to get your garage doors replaced, this is a no-brainer.

Richard K.

Kevin and his team at Summit Door are very professional and very knowledgeable. Summit door keeps our 3 bay repair facility's garage doors in tip top shape. Whenever we have a problem they are here the same day and always resolve the issue efficiently and correctly. Kevin always gives us a fair price and he's a pleasure to do buissness with. Highly recommend these guys to everyone!

Michael C.