Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs

As garage door specialists, we can handle all sorts of garage door repairs including fixing garage door openers, broken tracks, noisy springs & coils, operator repairs, and more.

Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement

Garage Door Repairs

Home repairs on larger home features always feel more daunting. But what about when you face the same issue with your garage door? A squeaky hinge can be just that – or it could be a warning of something more serious and a bigger bill yet to come. As a homeowner, you won’t want to pay for an entirely new garage door or garage system when repairs are enough. Thankfully, most garage door repairs can be fixed with standard repairs. One of the single biggest factors in choosing replacement over repairs is the age of your garage door — and that means the motor as well as the door itself. Most standard garage doors are made to last roughly 15–20 years, which means that if your garage door still has a lot of life left, it’d be best to opt for a repair instead of a replacement. Depending on the materials of your garage systems, some garage doors can even last longer than the expected life.

Likewise, one of the main reasons you’ll be opting for a garage door repair service call is in the case of damage – especially due to weather. The extent of the damage will determine the extent of repairs necessary for the door and that’s when an expert hand is important. That small squeak could turn into a major repair to the garage door system. Discuss the extent of the damage and how long your garage setup has been giving you trouble with your garage door repair tech. If everything was working fine the day before but has stopped operating today, the fix may be straightforward and simple! From the simple replacement of an overused door coil to straightening your door sensors, it’s important to get an expert opinion so your garage door can function up to its expectancy.

Summit Door is a full-service garage door installation company taking care of hundreds of homes in the region with their garage door repairs and maintenance for over 24 years. We offer fast & professional garage door installation, maintenance, and repair services as well as same-day emergency garage door service for those moments when you need an expert in a pinch!

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Ratings & Reviews

Wonderful company! Our garage door was making so much noise and shaking when it was opened and closed. Scott and Jeremy quickly diagnosed our garage door problem. They were very professional and knowledgable. Pricing was very reasonable. Would highly recommend!!

Lauren M.

Believe the reviews.  Kevin made our options clear, and didn't oversell.  The work was done on schedule, and the installation crew was professional and courteous.  Everything about this company gives you good vibes.  If you're looking to get your garage doors replaced, this is a no-brainer.

Richard K.

Kevin and his team at Summit Door are very professional and very knowledgeable. Summit door keeps our 3 bay repair facility's garage doors in tip top shape. Whenever we have a problem they are here the same day and always resolve the issue efficiently and correctly. Kevin always gives us a fair price and he's a pleasure to do buissness with. Highly recommend these guys to everyone!

Michael C.